Hello! My name is Carlos Saoud from Lebanon, and I'm the creator of Qookie Games.
About Me
I'm a computer scientist with a master's degree in Software engineer. I started learning and building games using Unity Engine when I began college. I loved creating games and I always have ideas for projects. My goal was to become a successful game developer and make a living out of it. I was struggling to reach this goal because:
◻I had no budget (And some debt)
Electricity Blackouts
Internet shutdown
◻No decent payout options(Paypal, stripe, Kickstarters, Fiverr... are all banned in my country)
Hyper Inflation In Lebanon that destroyed the economy
All these problems didn't stop me to reach my dream, so I kept creating and publishing games on the google play store. I've managed to publish 12 games and 3 apps. (Some of these projects are removed by me)
About Qookie Games
I've started publishing under the name of CZS, which was the Initials of my name. Then I changed this name to something more fun Qookie Games. (My nickname was Qookie when I was a kid)
All the games are created by me alone! Except for the music and some of the art in my games are from public domains and from the Unity assets store, Kenny, Itch.io, etc...All my games and apps have a total of more than 80 000 Installs and 875 reviews.The Future
I planned to create more games, and publish games on IOS when I have the budget required.


Point is a minimal abstract puzzle with a simple look and easy gameplay. It's a find hidden object game with a twist! The hidden objects that you want to find are actually completely invisible, so you need to find them using arrows. All the arrows will point to the next object that you want to find, and when you tap on it, it will reveal. Point Currently has 50 levels and 4 Infinite game modes.

Null Matter

Null Matter is an abstract puzzle game about merging elements to make everything disappear from the screen. You move the elements by tapping and dragging on them. The game contains 50 levels and 1 infinite game mode.

OrbaDrone - Faded Light

OrbaDrone is a 2D platformer about an Orb-shaped robot in a post-apocalypse future. The robot's mission is to activate a time machine and prevent the problem that caused all life on Earth to get destroyed. The game has 50 Levels (With 3 difficulties), and 4 mini-games. You can also unlock skins to customize the robot and grant you different abilities. You can get this game for Free with Google Play Pass subscribtion.